Episodes related to topic: joshua

Techtonic The Weekend Warrior

Weekend developer projects, Microsoft web development, and more.

Techtonic Making Email Apps Sexy Again

Joshua, Joe and Rohit discuss CloudMagic and their email workflows.

Techtonic Wojcik Finessing

Joshua and Joe discuss pro video, Kickstarter campaigns and headphones with Caleb Wojcik.

Techtonic Jamming to Free Previews

Joshua, Joe and Bryan discuss Apple Music, streaming services, and user experiences.

Techtonic A Focused Activity Timer

Joshua and Joe discuss the Focus app with Mac/iOS developer Jan Heiermann.

Techtonic All the Monuments About You

Joshua and Joe discuss Apple Music and SignPilot with Josh Lambert.

Techtonic The Sarcasm Bell

Joshua and Joe discuss new and innovative for 2016 with special guest Cody Coats.

Techtonic All the Good Managements

Joshua and Joe discuss goals and time management tricks with Tim Stringer.

Techtonic House of the Future

Home automation is significantly improving ever so slowly. With us is an avid home automator, Katie Floyd, to discuss her sweet setup.

Techtonic What Would a Pixar Guy Do

User experience design is what exactly? The guys discuss the field with Sean Doran.