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Episode #36 December. 11, 2015 45m 1s Download
In this episode: Joseph Darnell and Joshua Peiffer
User experience design is what exactly? The guys discuss the field with Sean Doran.

Highlights and Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Joshua and Joe discuss professional user experience design with our new special guest, Sean Doran. We talk about our backgrounds in design, Sketch for Mac, prototyping, web design animation tools, the philosophy behind user experience design, the six branches of the field, and eggnog.

Show Notes & Links

Sean PJPGR Doran on Twitter. (BTW, those extra letters are Sean’s real initials. I know…!)

Joe delves deep into Irish coffee on the Top Brew podcast, ‘It’s Got Nothing to Do with Leprechauns’, with craft roaster Eric Rauch.

If you want to see stats on your tweets, mentions and the like, Ads/Twitter website for analytics. You’ll only see them in the Twitter apps or site, though.

When we’re not using the Twitter app, you can find us in Tweetbot, by TapBots. With a cool third party app developer company name like that, who wouldn’t check it out!

Sean took an early interest in the arts, video, and content creation with LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set, where you take still frames and seam them together for stop motion animation.

Sean’s website, with more stuff from Sean.

Cardinal Now

The six branches of user experience:

  1. Interaction design

  2. Information architecture

  3. Content strategy

  4. User research

  5. User usability

  6. Front-end development

LinkedIn is always frustrating. Just try connecting with Joe and endorsing him for something and see what Joshua’s talking about.

The three user experience factors:

  1. Is this actually possible?

  2. Does this make business fiscal sense? Will it bring in cash flow or reduce costs?

  3. Do people want to use this? What does the user say?

There is SaaS and then there is SASS.

Amazon’s FreeTime unlimited service for the Kindle (and Kindle apps) gives unlimited access to children’s books.

Atomic Design by Brad Frost is a school of thought that you start with the simple ‘elements’ of the website/product and combine elements into ‘molecules’ (pieces of the puzzle of a site) and so on and so forth. Every designer should be aware of the principles of atomic design as they are helping advance high quality user experiences.

Watch Brad Frost’s introductory Atomic Design presentation.

Columbus Web Group

Khoi Vinh’s design and website are awesome, and it’s no surprise that he’s original in his site’s design. You might jump the first time you hover over a thumbnail.

Khoi: The Tools Designers Use Today

More from Khoi: Project Comet

Before we get to Sketch itself, Sean mentions the assistive app for iOS, Sketch Mirror. Connect it to your Mac while you’re designing in Sketch and it will present in real time the design you’re making on your iOS device.

Perhaps Adobe Photoshop’s top web design competitor, Sketch is the Mac app we recommend for concepts, mock-ups, style guides, etc.

Plugins for Sketch are free and easy to access with Sketch Toolbox, the plugin manager.

In his workshop, ‘Sketch: From A to Z’, Sean introduces designers to 27+ features and workflows of the app.

Bohemian Coding reports that Sketch left the Mac App Store.

Sean learned a lot from Design+Code resources when he got started with Sketch and user experience design.

Honorable mention: IxDA

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