Night Owl

Welcome to Night Owl

Home to many entertaining and informative shows.

Night Owl is a hobby-driven podcast network for people that love creativity, technology, the arts, and enjoy a delicious cup of joe.

We discuss filmmaking, handheld devices, craftsmanship, productivity, religion(!) and bunches of other stuff. We bring insightful friends and specialists together from around the world to present thought-provoking content every week.

Night Owl was founded by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper. After assembling 250+ podcasts about everything from Batman to Apple to coffee, they chose to create and curate a podcast network. Night Owl is an outlet for creative people to explore topics together over many shows.

The Night Owl name comes from the fact that, since 2012, Joseph and TJ have burned the mid-night oil to present to you valuable content. Most of the shows are recorded or produced after dark — when we just can’t seem to turn off our brains.