Equinox It’s About Time!

Joe and Rob spend time talking about time, what it is, how we measure it, how the ways we measure it have changed over the centuries, and some of the amazing things we have invented to tell time more accurately.

HiFi Absorbing SharePlay
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

WWDC 2021 is in the books, and Joseph and TJ have thoughts, opinions, hopes, dreams, deep dish pizza is just bad lasagna, etc. Join in to hear all about Apple’s announced and upcoming offerings!

Equinox The Jet Engine

Joseph is switching to ‘vacation mode’ and Dr. Carter shares stories about his fun adventures in Florida. In an interesting story of science news this week, researchers think they can accurately say that the Milky Way galaxy wobbles! In listener questions: what is acid rain? For the main topic, Rob tells us all about the jet engine! In the after show, Beequinox is back! Wow!

HiFi A Sticky Note the Size of Florida
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

TJ switches to Verizon, Joseph tries and fails to break his phone, the new Apple TV Siri remote is fantastic, and both have many wishes and opinions for the upcoming WWDC keynote.

Equinox Taking Flight

Dr. C and Joseph D are thrilled to explore the origins of engine-powered flight! They catch up on work, Rob’s recent air travel, and jet lag. Then for the main topic, they start way back at the beginning of human flight using gliders and hot air balloons and talk all the way up to jet engine planes and boomerangs. In the after show, Joseph and Rob discuss other things that can or cannot fly and Joseph tells us what flying discs have to do with coffee.

Equinox What is Radiation?

Back this with awesome discussion about beekeeping (what else?!), the most-insanely valuable rare earth elements, and for the main topic: radiation. Picking up where Rob left us wondering about ‘what is radiation’ last time while exploring the periodic table, he explains what it is, isn’t, and how deadly it can be or not be. 🤔 In the after show, the guys catch up on ‘Beequinox’: naming the queen, mayhem, et cetera.

HiFi Splashes of Color Are Welcome Here
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

What is life without a few banking woes. Join Joseph in commiserating with TJ about the hot garbage fire that is the modern American banking system. Then join in Joe’s office and computer transitionary journey. And don’t miss the exciting eGPU discussions! And much more.

Equinox The Periodic Table

This week, Rob tells us all about transparent wood, gets excited about SpaceX rocket landing, Joseph announces Equinox Plus(!), and for the main topic, the guys explore the periodic table. Rob does a wonderful job of making sense of some of the most frustrating parts of chemistry class for us.

HiFi Basically a New iPad Pro
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

This week, Joe and TJ discuss everything they ever wanted you to know about the MacBook Air — which may or may not be different from everything _you_ ever wanted to know about the MacBook Air. You may also want to know most about Apple failure modes, AirPods Max stands, and John Siracusa’s apps Front and Center and SwitchGlass. And last but not least, what does the future hold for the iPad?

Equinox Black Holes

In this great episode, Dr. Carter explains how black holes really work—a far cry from how they’ve been portrayed in science fiction films that are the basis for everything Joseph thought he knew about them. Also the guys discuss the latest experiments in beekeeping.