Equinox How to Engineer a Pandemic Virus

Joseph and Rob really get into some difficult subjects on this episode as they discuss how scientists pursue their work and whether or not the COVID-19 virus was engineered in a laboratory.

HiFi You do have a big head
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Join Joe and TJ as they discuss the moment iPhone 12 Case, a sidetrack about how to determine what price to pay for… things… Joe’s final final final review of the AirPods Max, and part 1 of their tech predictions for the year 2021.

HiFi Rudolph Was Cruel
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

In this episode, Joseph is healing up from being run over by reindeer, but while he does, he’s got his new AirPods Max to give him stuff to listen to. TJ has some issues with tvOS. He also switched to Microsoft Edge from Chrome. And then they break down Apple’s 2020 year in review.

HiFi Is This The Holiday Spectacular?
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

AirPods Max and Christmas traditions! Join TJ and Joe to hear about how the duo celebrate Christmas, their favorite Christmas Music, and their favorite Christmas movies!

Equinox Science Year in Review

Other than the pandemic, many interesting science discoveries, innovations, and flukes occurred in 2020. Rob and Joseph discuss exo planets, new molecules, CRISPR cures… and (maybe) the most wonderful scientific discovery in Dr. Carter’s lifetime???

HiFi Santa Could Deliver Some Podcasts
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

This week, TJ found an app to cure some macOS audio woes, and he named his phone and watch because of Joe’s nerd shaming. Then the two dive in on macOS Big Sur, which TJ is now running on his Hackintosh.

Equinox The Cutting Edge of the Universe

 What holds the universe together? What would happen if you toggle those things just a little? This is the essence of the Fine Tuning argument. There are many fundamental constants in the universe upon which life is utterly dependent. In fact, more than just life; the universe itself is irrevocably dependent on some very precise numbers, or it cannot exist.

HiFi I Cannot Argue With Your Feelings
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

This week, Joe explains why he purchased the “wrong” phone — well, at least according to TJ. TJ also talks about how awful the MacBook Pro TouchBar is and how it locks up, his new iPhone 12 magnetic car mount and charger, and Joe talks about his new Sony over the ear wireless headphones.

Equinox Mysteries of the Solar System

Rob and Joseph return from beyond the solar system to talk about their GPS travels on planet Earth, then take a journey through our solar system to discuss the mysteries of the Sun, Moon, planets, and more.

HiFi Hijinks Ensue
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Join Joseph and TJ as they discuss Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Joseph’s deals on Sony headphones, how the internet is taking over his house, plugs, lights, etc., and then they dive into notable TV shows — well, TJ does, anyway.