HiFi An Apple a Day
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Apple events happen during Apple Event season and we’re heard to break it all down for you. And boy are the new MacBook Pros looking good!

Equinox What’s a Computer? Part 2

Rob continues to review the origins of modern computers and together Joseph and Rob are just astonished how far technology has come in the last 50 years. Dr. Carter admits it’s really hard to understand computer sciences and think like an engineer.

HiFi Grab It by the Rails
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Joseph shares his first impressions of his new iPhone 13 mini, Cinematic Mode, ProMotion, and what he thought of the other iPhone models he played with at the Apple Store. Then, for the big reveal, we learn what pathetic car stereo Joseph purchased. Next, Joseph shopped for a new car charger mount while TJ got off of his chest all his concerns for the corporatism that continues to take over Apple from the inside. Then, TJ handed off editing the show to Joseph while he left for vacation!

Equinox What’s a Computer? Part I

Joseph and Rob discuss what insects they’ve seen over the seasons of 2021, give a little update about their bees’ behavior, and in their fascinating main topic, they discuss the origins of the modern computer! Rob takes us back a few centuries to start with the fundamental innovations that allude to the seemingly miraculous technologies we take for granted.

Equinox Pants on Fire

 French inventor made a trap to catch hornets to save his bees! Someone discovered that dogs have a heat sense detector! Social scientists inadvertently lied in a study about honesty! For the main discussion, Dr. Carter tells us about Ernst Haeckel’s diabolical fraud.

HiFi Star Light, Star Bright
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Joe and TJ record a podcast in the same room! And what do they talk about? Apple’s iPhone 13 event, of course. Did you know Apple loves California? Well they made sure you do with this event video. And TJ and Joe dive into that and everthing Apple talked about and released: new iPad, iPad Mini, Apple Watch Series 7, and the iPhones 13.

Equinox The Dark Side

Joe and Rob talk about things that should never have been, scientific experiments and ideas that were evil or just egregiously wrong. They use four examples: The Tuskegee long-term syphilis experiments, lobotomy, electroshock therapy, and Nazi science (and how much of US technology is based upon it today). This might be a tough listen, but education is sometimes sobering.

HiFi Crinkled Book Smell
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

What does Fiber internet, bluetooth car stereos, and ebooks have in common? They’re the topics TJ and Joe cover in this episode! Because TJ is (hopefully) getting fiber internet, Joe would like to connect to his older car via Bluetooth, and Joe likes reading ebooks. And don’t miss the post show discussion of MCU, Spider-man, Sam Raimi and more!

Equinox ‘Apollo 11’ Film Review

It’s one small step for podcasting and one giant leap for today’s Equinox podcast! Rob is crafting a chain mail shirt with his daughter, Rob is fascinated by a nuclear fusion milestone… But enough of that! Rob and Joseph review the 2019 Apollo 11 film and discuss the historical mission to the moon.

HiFi Send Dunes
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

In this episode TJ and Joe are joined by TJ’s good friend, Kevin Smith to discuss Safari 15 Beta 6, 1Password 8 as an Electron app, and the big, important topic, Apple’s CSAM Detection Efforts.