HiFi Junk Drawer Design
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Strap in, we’ve got a lot of topics this episode: Automattic is buying more stuff, MORE STUFF! Apple is putting Intel processors in Macs still? Joseph likes the look of a paid alternative to Google Search called Neeva. TJ and Joseph reminisce about the good old days of Apple design. TJ is enjoying NetNewsWire. And the pair are trying to find a good MagSafe wallet — surely there’s something good out there? In the post show, TJ and Joseph discuss Black Widow and the Marvel Universe.

Equinox To Terraform Or Not to Terraform … Pt. 2

Dr. C. and Joseph Darnell discuss the billionaires racing to outer space, Rob yearns to hitch a ride to the moon, they discuss the complexities of good science critical debates, and in main discussion, Rob continues the idea of terraforming planets Venus, Mars, and moons beyond.

Equinox To Terraform or Not to Terraform … Pt. 1

For the first time since before quarantines began in 2020, Rob and Joseph are back in the studio for today’s episode! They discuss un-recycled plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean, Soylent ‘complete nutritious meal replacement’(!), and in their main topic, what it would take to terraform the moon and Mars!

HiFi Smooth, Solid Slab of a Surface
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Eyeglasses, iPad Keyboards, Note taking apps, iOS and iPadOS 15 beta, Disney+ and Black Widow, problems with the Apple Watch and AirPods Pro: it’s another riveting and quite nerdy episode of HiFi!

Equinox Submarine Tech

Dr. Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell discuss summer life, the great book ‘1493’ that Rob’s reading, and for their main topic, all-things submarines! Their history, innovation, influence, and stories are fascinating!

Equinox Dr. C’s Guide to Distant Starlight and Deep Time

On today’s episode of Equinox, Rob is excited that Joseph got DNA tests (on sale for Prime Day). In the main discussion, Dr. C. explores the issue of deep time and distant starlight travel—how it works, what we know, what astronomers speculate … It’s fascinating, as Rob likes to say!

HiFi Synergy-iation
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Day One be synergizin’ with Automattic, Joe is interested in ergonomic computer pointing devices and blue light blocking glasses, TJ is interested in Windows 11 — and the design of this iteration of Windows has also caught Joe’s eye, and TJ thinks modern digital key fobs are… problematic.

Equinox The Black Death

Rob and Joseph discuss a ‘revolutionary’ camera lens, South African worker bee clones, a giant arc stretching 3.3 billions lightyears across the cosmos, and for the main discussion, Black Death. 💀

Equinox Lazers & Lightsabers (Pew Pew!)

Joe and Rob discuss one the most important, yet most enigmatic, inventions of all time, the laser! Many mysteries, and many laughs, later, they figure it out. Tune in for the discussion.

Equinox It’s About Time!

Joe and Rob spend time talking about time, what it is, how we measure it, how the ways we measure it have changed over the centuries, and some of the amazing things we have invented to tell time more accurately.