HiFi The Gandalf Staff
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

TJ’s Watch Series 6 has arrived and it’s everything he dreamed! Also, we know you’re just dying to hear more about widgets in iOS 14 and we’re here to please. And what’s up with iPad OS 14 missing some of the basic new features of iOS 14? And is Apple really doing a good job of curating the App Store? Someone has to ask the hard questions, so we do!

Equinox Mysteriously Advanced Ancient Technology

Rob and Joseph discuss Rob’s latest research about the coronavirus. Then for our main discussion, they explore what appears to be practically impossible for ancient inventors and craftsmen to achieve.

HiFi Not That Kind of Choral
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Joseph and TJ are back for episode 2 to discuss iOS/iPad OS 14, what’s right with it, what’s wrong with it, and much more!

Equinox Why Things Rot

Joseph and Rob catch up. They touch on work and their history with computers. Then for a side topic, they highlight some interesting discoveries about planet Venus. For the main discussion, Rob explores the strange science behind rotting vegetation, animals, and humans.

HiFi They Didn’t Announce Phones?
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

In the inaugural episode, Joseph and TJ discuss their tech history, a September Apple event without phones, the new Apple Watches, the new iPads, and they have an accidental Mario Podcast.

Equinox Neanderthal Technology

Neanderthals were supposed to be primitive, half-human cavemen, but modern paleontology is shattering that illusion. We know they were intelligent and industrious, eating a wide variety of foods and travelling long distances across the barren wasteland called Eurasia during the Ice Age period. Joe and Rob marvel at what is only now coming to light in relation to these enigmatic ancestors of ours.

Equinox How Much Can We Trust Human Memory?

Rob and Joseph explore the complexity of how human memory works. Everything from the ‘magic number’ to access time to multidimensional storage is fascinating! Did you know that your eyes work like computers? Learn more about that and so much more about Rob’s and Joseph’s brains on this week’s Equinox podcast.

Equinox The A Bomb

The development of nuclear weapons is one of the most amazing, and fearsome, scientific breakthroughs in human history. But before they could be made, a lot of discoveries had to happen first. The timing is also amazing. Almost as soon as these things were discovered we started blowing things up.

Equinox Weapons and Explosives

The recent ammonium nitrate explosion that leveled most of Beirut has sparked many discussions about explosives. So Joe and Rob explore the history of explosives, from the invention of gunpowder in 9th century China to the massive explosion that killed JFK’s older brother in WWII. They’ll stop along the way and talk about the 100 Years War and the invention of nitroglycerine and TNT along the way.

Equinox Mapping the World

Creating a map of the world is hard, very hard. It took the best minds in the world centuries to get it right. From the disfigured maps of the Greeks to the elegant portolan charts of the Renaissance, people have been mapping the world for a long time. The main problem was with longitude, a puzzle that was not figured out until Harrison invented a chronometer that could keep track of time while moving (like in a ship). It was easy enough to figure out how far north or south you were, but east and west was an entirely different thing. Yet, the portolan charts were longitudinally accurate, and nobody knows how. Map making in an artform, and some of the secrets have been lost to us.