Equinox 2020 Ig Nobel Prizes

It’s that time of year for the annual Ig Nobel Awards to be awarded to those scientists who publish the worst, oddest, most irreproducible, or downright weird research. Joe and Rob have a hard time with this one, but only because they could not stop laughing at the squeaking alligators, narcissist unibrow quotients, and knives made from…wait, what?

HiFi Magnifying the Dock
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

In part 1 of our two part series on “what’s in our Dock” TJ let’s us know what apps are in his Dock that he uses on a regular basis. And he particularly bores Joe when he gets to the development tools. But that’s to be expected when a designer and a developer do a podcast together.

Equinox 2020 Nobel Prizes

In the inaugural annual *Nobel Prize Review* episode, Rob and Joseph discuss the 2020 winners in all categories: peace, literature, economics, physiology and medicine, chemistry, and physics.

HiFi 5G Verizon Camera
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Have you heard the good news about Verizon 5G Verizoning it’s 5G way around the Verizon 5G world? Because Verizon 5G is here! In this episode, TJ and Joe talk about Verizon 5G!, the new HomePod Mini, Verizon 5G!, the new iPhones 12, and Verizon 5G! Brought to you by Verizon 5G! (disclaimer: not actually brought to you by Verizon 5G!)

Equinox Following Up Life and Death

Rob follows up thoughts about the origin of life, and tells us all about the new research/model that tried and failed to simulate the origin of life. And to top it off, many want to know when scientists will solve the problem of death so we can all live forever. So, will they???

HiFi Super HiFi 3D Odyssey Land
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

TJ and Joe added a flux capacitor to the Odyssey so they could time travel through all the Mario games! Join them on this journey starting with Super Mario Bros. in 1985, all the way through Super Mario Maker 2 in 2019.

Equinox The Origin of Life

Usually, scientists like to tell us how life started on planet Earth and how it might exist elsewhere in the universe. But do they tell you something they know from scientific observation or from shots in the dark? Joseph and Rob discuss the difficulty figuring out life’s beginning, and in the grand scheme of things how terribly unlikely it is to find life anywhere.

HiFi The Gandalf Staff
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

TJ’s Watch Series 6 has arrived and it’s everything he dreamed! Also, we know you’re just dying to hear more about widgets in iOS 14 and we’re here to please. And what’s up with iPad OS 14 missing some of the basic new features of iOS 14? And is Apple really doing a good job of curating the App Store? Someone has to ask the hard questions, so we do!

Equinox Mysteriously Advanced Ancient Technology

Rob and Joseph discuss Rob’s latest research about the coronavirus. Then for our main discussion, they explore what appears to be practically impossible for ancient inventors and craftsmen to achieve.

HiFi Not That Kind of Choral
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Joseph and TJ are back for episode 2 to discuss iOS/iPad OS 14, what’s right with it, what’s wrong with it, and much more!