Equinox The Periodic Table

This week, Rob tells us all about transparent wood, gets excited about SpaceX rocket landing, Joseph announces Equinox Plus(!), and for the main topic, the guys explore the periodic table. Rob does a wonderful job of making sense of some of the most frustrating parts of chemistry class for us.

HiFi Basically a New iPad Pro
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

This week, Joe and TJ discuss everything they ever wanted you to know about the MacBook Air — which may or may not be different from everything _you_ ever wanted to know about the MacBook Air. You may also want to know most about Apple failure modes, AirPods Max stands, and John Siracusa’s apps Front and Center and SwitchGlass. And last but not least, what does the future hold for the iPad?

Equinox Black Holes

In this great episode, Dr. Carter explains how black holes really work—a far cry from how they’ve been portrayed in science fiction films that are the basis for everything Joseph thought he knew about them. Also the guys discuss the latest experiments in beekeeping.

Equinox Worldwide Weather Patterns

This week, Rob and Joseph shoot the breeze! Rob explains Hadley cells to us, contrasts land and water weather patterns, answers the questions ‘what will the weather be like tomorrow and in six months’, and explains so much more. And at the end of this episode the guys geek out about their new bee colonies and beekeeping challenges.

HiFi Wonka Himself
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Get ready to nerd out about all the Apple product announcements from the April 20 event. TJ and Joe have the scoop, the opinions, the good, the bad, the ranting, the raving. It’s all here. Tune in!

Equinox Flat Earth (April Fools!)

Rob and Joseph talk about 3D printing beehive accessories, beekeeping (as we are prone to do!), Georgia’s Savage Race, and for the main topic, the flat earth conspiracy. Ooooh boy!

HiFi I Agree With My Subconscious
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Did NightOwl crash? TJ explains and talks about backup strategies and more. Then there’s Safari, WWDC 2021, Apple Watch Cellular woes, Apple being bad at design, iCloud making Joe sad, and 20 years of Mac OS X / OS X / macOS.

Equinox Things in Sci-Fi That Bug Us

Rob and Joe dive deep into the little things that bug them the most in the Sci-fi genre, and, of course, they also talk about bees. A story or two about whales learning how to avoid whaling ships and gorillas being taught to fear death make for a well-rounded episode, if they do say so themselves.

HiFi The Road to Ignominy
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

In this episode, Joseph and TJ discuss things impacting their hi fidelity life style: they dive into more Apple Watch Cellular woes, AirPods Pro quality issues and Apple’s service program for them, I’m a… Justin? Thunderbolt potentially coming to iPad, and the Twelve South HoverBar Duo for iPad. And don’t miss the post show if you have any interest in Superman and Lois on the CW or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus.

Equinox Pollen, the Yellowing

Pollen, that scourge of Spring and Fall! What is it, exactly? What does it do? Why do they cause allergies and how do scientists identify plants based on their pollen?