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Episode #43 January. 29, 2016 55m 13s Download
In this episode: Joseph Darnell, Joshua Peiffer, and Bryan Brush
Joshua, Joe and Bryan discuss Apple Music, streaming services, and user experiences.

Highlights and Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Joshua and Joe are joined by returning special guest, Bryan M. Brush, to discuss music streaming services — from the early days of cassettes to Apple Music. We felt that Bryan, with well over 30,000 songs, has an interesting user experience to share. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, Joshua’s daughter just purchased her first iPod…

Show Notes & Links

Bryan on Twitter (@BryanMBrush)

Bryan’s last Techtonic guest appearance

Apple Music

The Lord of the Rings: The Followship of the Ring

Film score composer Howard Shore


Discovr - discover a world of new music

Wikipedia: Grooveshark

Where Grooveshark.com takes you now

Pandora Internet Radio

Experimental Folk (also known as Neofolk)

8 bit (also known as chiptune)


Wikipedia: Audiogalaxy

Reddit: ‘Audiogalaxy’ is officially gone

The elephant in the room: iTunes

Apple: iTunes Match

Apple Music versus iTunes Match, What’s the Difference?

Wikipedia: Spotify

Spotify: ‘Music for Everyone’

Comparison of on-demand streaming music services

Amazon Prime Music

Anyone ever hear of Sonza?

Google Music

The Verge: Google buys Sparrow

Rdio is dead. Long live Rdio!

Twelve secret Siri commands for Apple Music

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