Episodes related to topic: techtonic

Techtonic Beware of the Blue Fog

Joshua and Joe are joined by John Livingston to talk about nuclear electrical engineering.

Techtonic ‘Siri, Give Me Directions to Bed’

iPad Pros are the way of the future! And iOS 9 gets two thumbs up.

Techtonic Apple’s Event, and the Most Expensive Clipboard Ever

Joshua, Joe and Rob review announcements from Apple’s September 9 event.

Techtonic ‘Siri, Find Pizza Places Near Me’

Joshua and Joe discuss Apple’s event highlights and dive into SEO with special guest Gary Morris.

Techtonic Maybe We Will Unplug It from Our Brains

The guys discuss the most highly-anticipated September 9 Apple product announcements.

Techtonic It All Just Works in Space

Stephen Hackett comes back to discuss working from home, his space podcast, Apple Music’s downfall, and more.

Techtonic Alligators Entranced by Magical Apple Computers

Mark, Joshua Joe discuss why they love to think and talk about Apple’s products so much.

Techtonic 10.9: We Don’t Want to Fleece the Gold Miners

Joshua, Joe and Josh (too many J’s!) discuss the affairs of podcasters: producing and listening to shows in 2015.

Techtonic 10.8: Your First 1,000 Videos

Joshua, Joe and Caleb discuss indie video production.

Techtonic 10.7: Snazzy New Operating Systems

Joshua, and Joe discuss their experiences with El Capitan and iOS 9 betas.