It All Just Works in Space

Episode #21 August. 28, 2015 50m 18s Download
Stephen Hackett comes back to discuss working from home, his space podcast, Apple Music’s downfall, and more.

Highlights and Show Notes

Joshua and Joe discuss multiple technology and space topics with writer and podcaster extraordinaire, Mr. Stephen Hackett. Stephen sheds light on his many work responsibilities: where he likes to podcast, the places he prefers to write, and how he manages his work hours. Additionally, the men review ‘The Martian’ movie trailer, geek out over the 70’s  NASA worm logo, and debate the merits of Apple Music, iPods, and where Apple is directing music services in the fall of 2015.

Show Notes & Links

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Interstellar, by Christopher Nolan

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Wired: NASA’s Logo from the 70s was Ridiculously Cool

MacRumors: Apple to Demote iPod Stock to Accessories Shelves

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