10.9: We Don’t Want to Fleece the Gold Miners

Episode #19 August. 14, 2015 46m 41s Download
In this episode: Joseph Darnell and Joshua Peiffer
Joshua, Joe and Josh (too many J’s!) discuss the affairs of podcasters: producing and listening to shows in 2015.

Highlights and Show Notes

Zencastr aims to give podcasters the tools they can rely on to edit with high definition audio via Skype and Google Hangouts with incredible ease. Developer Josh Nielsen joins us to discuss Zencastr’s service. Is one more piece of the production quality puzzle solved for podcasters? The guys discuss Zencastr and their interest in podcasting, as well as how listening to podcasts fits into their busy lives.

Show Notes & Links

Josh Nielsen on Twitter

Joe Darnell on Twitter

Joshua Peiffer on Twitter


Zencastr on Twitter

Josh’s Personal site

Time Magazine: ‘What are Podcasts?’

Skype — the blessing and curse

Zencastr support on Reddit

Caleb “The DIY Video Guy” Wojcik’s videos

Caleb’s podcast

The Overcast podcast player

Apple’s Podcasts app for iOS

Stitcher — ‘Radio shows and podcasts on demand’

Coming soon: Tung, ‘A social podcast player’

Inorganik Produce’s site

Pocket Casts app for Android and iOS


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