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Equinox Stopping the Sun, Moving the Earth

Geocentrism is a scientific theory that could have left mankind in the ‘dark ages’, but in the end it still held civilizations back for thousands of years. Dr. Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell explore why it took people throughout history so long to figure out that the earth moves, and the implications this has had for all of science up to the present. How we arrived at heliocentrism (actually, the universe isn’t heliocentric either!) will possibly surprise you!

Equinox The Greatest Theory Ever

In this first episode, Joe and Rob explore Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity and explain how it is the single greatest engine of scientific prediction ever made by man. The theory of gravity also interconnects with a number of other interesting subjects, which they will touch on briefly, basically giving them fodder for a slew of future episodes.Equinox podcast is dedicated to Sir Isaac Newton.