The Greatest Theory Ever

Episode #1 February. 19, 2020 Download
In this episode: Dr. Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell
In this first episode, Joe and Rob explore Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity and explain how it is the single greatest engine of scientific prediction ever made by man. The theory of gravity also interconnects with a number of other interesting subjects, which they will touch on briefly, basically giving them fodder for a slew of future episodes.Equinox podcast is dedicated to Sir Isaac Newton.

Highlights and Show Notes

Rapid fire subjects:

An explanation of the word Equinox from Encyclopedia Britannica

Human Races



…was right but for the wrong reasons

Columbus was just plain wrong


Film: Darwin: the Voyage that Shook the World

Under construction: (stay tuned!)


Genetic complexity

Dr. Rob Carter’s bio Article Podcast

Main discussion:

How to Think



(See also The Planets Are Young: Uranus and Neptune article or podcast)

Artemis lunar insertion and eventual lunar orbit

Jupiter is not round

Mt Chimborazo

The Biblical Roots of Modern Science

Sir Isaac Newton

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