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Episode #37 December. 18, 2015 51m 21s Download
Jelly and Joe review the iPad Pro and Pencil as a professional tool for designers and illustrators.

Highlights and Show Notes

The iPad Pro’s large display and ‘digital’ Pencil make it a professional tool for designers. With us today is special guest, Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly, a developer and illustrator that’s reviewed the iPad and Pencil with digital sketching in mind. He shares thoughts on Cintiq, Wacom, third party styluses, and Apple’s newest tools.

Show Notes & Links

About Jelly, on


Mobile Couch podcast

Topical podcast

GIFwrapped app

Coda app

Transmit app

Prompt 2 app

Magic Mouse 2

Article: iPad Pro, for Illustrators

iPad Pro

Apple Pencil

Wacom and Cintiq

The Fallout Pip-boy

The original iPad’s introductory video from Apple

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