Using MacBooks Like Fiends

Episode #2 April. 10, 2015 54m 2s Download
In this episode: Joseph Darnell and Joshua Peiffer
Joe, Joshua, and John Saddington discuss writing tools for the digital age. John introduces the Desk app, his award-winning desktop publishing client.

Highlights and Show Notes

After touching upon some items of interest like Apple Watches, the guys discuss the virtues and pitfalls of technology for writing. Our special guest, John Saddington, the professional app developer behind Desk the writing app, explores with the guys where writing can be reinvented and reinvigorated.

Show Notes & Links

Joe Darnell on Twitter

Joshua Peiffer on Twitter

John Saddington on Twitter

Ready Player One, the novel

Ready Player One, the upcoming movie directed by Steven Speilberg

Anxious Machine podcast, by Robert McGinley Myers

Humans Need Not Apply, video by CGP Grey

Becoming Steve Jobs, the biography — available for the Kindle and in audiobook

John’s blog,

IBM Selectric typewriter

Video games of the past, like Super Mario Bros. 3, with their pipes

Visual Basic software programming

Michael Dell of Dell Inc.

The “#1” in online World of Warcraft dating sites today

The Iron Yard, 12-week course for software development

The Apple Watch

The Verge’s video review of the Apple Watch

Fitbit activity tracker devices

The Apple Watch will not be available April 24th for in-store pick up

The new MacBook that John is interested shopping for

Comes in silver, gold, and space gray

Joshua likes his 2014 11-inch MacBook Air

The Desk app site

The Desk app support forum

About WYSIWYG on Wikipedia

Markdown syntax at Daring Fireball

MarsEdit 3: Another desktop publishing client

Daniel Jalkut, app developer of MarsEdit

Evernote, the notes app that John and Joe aren’t excited about

Byword, another text editor app