Episodes related to topic: john

Techtonic Wojcik Finessing

Joshua and Joe discuss pro video, Kickstarter campaigns and headphones with Caleb Wojcik.

Top Brew Combination French Press, Hair Dryer & Time Machine
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Joe Darnell interviews returning guest, John Guiliano. Writer, photographer and coffee enthusiast, John is a year into his coffee journey at BrewingCoffeeManually.com. We discuss his writing practices, routine for content creation, his new “Choose Your Weapon” t-shirts, and excellent reasons to write a coffee journal.

Techtonic ‘Karl the Fog’ App

Joe Darnell and John Saddington discuss technology in relation to our work ethic, John’s app projects, and creativity.

Top Brew Quentin’s ‘Kill Bill’ Coffee Brewer
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

John Giuliano of Brewing Coffee Manually joins Joe to discuss his brewing ritual: how he stumbled upon craft coffee, roasts his own and enjoys online coffee subscriptions, collects brewing tools, and more.

Techtonic Beware of the Blue Fog

Joshua and Joe are joined by John Livingston to talk about nuclear electrical engineering.

Techtonic Using MacBooks Like Fiends

Joe, Joshua, and John Saddington discuss writing tools for the digital age. John introduces the Desk app, his award-winning desktop publishing client.