Episodes related to topic: app

Techtonic A Very Geeky Household Name

Our special guest this week, Daniel Jalkut, discusses MarsEdit, developing apps for Mac and iOS, and the difficult choices that independent app developers all face over the course of their careers.

Techtonic Making Email Apps Sexy Again

Joshua, Joe and Rohit discuss CloudMagic and their email workflows.

Techtonic A Focused Activity Timer

Joshua and Joe discuss the Focus app with Mac/iOS developer Jan Heiermann.

Techtonic ‘Karl the Fog’ App

Joe Darnell and John Saddington discuss technology in relation to our work ethic, John’s app projects, and creativity.

Techtonic 10.2: Now We’re just Messing with Physics

Joshua, Joe and Heather discuss Evernote, ROCeteer, and other exceptionally geeky stuff!

Techtonic RSS Feeds let You be a Grownup

In this week’s episode, Joe, Joshua, and Tim discuss ‘life and faith after the digital explosion.’

Techtonic Using MacBooks Like Fiends

Joe, Joshua, and John Saddington discuss writing tools for the digital age. John introduces the Desk app, his award-winning desktop publishing client.