Episodes related to topic: peiffer

Techtonic It’s Not Serial’s Fault

Joe and our guest Tim Smith discuss college, web development, podcasting, and radio.

Techtonic Electric Blue Saturday

Joshua and Joe discuss restoring Mac OS X, follow-up for Apple TV remotes, Cyber Monday shopping, and more.

Techtonic Summon the Power of Thor

The new Apple TV is in review, and in general we’re not crazy about it.

Techtonic That Reality Distortion Field

Joshua and Joe are joined by Micah Pogue and review ‘Steve Jobs’ by Danny Boyle.

Techtonic Batman’s Arch Villain that Turned Good

Joe and Joshua along discuss writing for the web, and so much more, with special guest Brett Terpstra!

Techtonic George Lucas’ Force 3D Touch

Joshua, Joe and TJ discuss YouTube’s Red Subscription, Apple’s new Mac accessories, and review the iPhone 6s and 6s plus.

Techtonic Driven by Bells and Whistles Like Dogs

Joe, Bryan and Joshua discuss Apple’s new “Magical” accessories, their problems upgrading iPhones, and tuning older iOS devices.

Techtonic Beware of the Blue Fog

Joshua and Joe are joined by John Livingston to talk about nuclear electrical engineering.

Techtonic ‘Siri, Give Me Directions to Bed’

iPad Pros are the way of the future! And iOS 9 gets two thumbs up.

Techtonic Apple’s Event, and the Most Expensive Clipboard Ever

Joshua, Joe and Rob review announcements from Apple’s September 9 event.