It’s Not Serial’s Fault

Episode #35 December. 4, 2015 42m 26s Download
In this episode: Joseph Darnell and Joshua Peiffer
Joe and our guest Tim Smith discuss college, web development, podcasting, and radio.

Highlights and Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Joe is joined by special guest Tim Smith. They discuss Tim’s career in web development, and the guy’s life-long interests in the radio and podcasting mediums.

Show Notes & Links

About TTim


Will Duffy

Ruby on Rails

On-Air CMS

Tim on GitHub

Podcasts Tim retired from:

The Intellectual Radio Program

Babblenut podcast

The East Wing


Tim’s currently podcasting at:

Tower Media

For the Record

Narrative podcasts we enjoy:

Gimlet Media

This American Life

Song Exploder

99% Invisible


Top Brew (honorable mention of Joe’s other podcast)

Serial (the podcast that podcasters like to blame for everything)

Funny headline: Where the Hell is ‘Serial’ Season 2?

Watch: Apple’s Beats 1 video

Details on for Beats 1

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