Episodes related to topic: macos

Techtonic Bringing the Power of AppleScript to Mortals
Hosted by Joshua Peiffer

This week on the podcast, Joe is out sick so Joshua takes over. Our special guest, David Sparks, and Joshua talk about MacSparky Field Guides, highlighting a few updates to OmniFocus but primarily discussing Hazel. Then, the guys dig a little into the Workflow app to contrast automation for iOS and ‘macOS’ as we know them (note this episode was recorded before WWDC16).

Techtonic Apple, Save My Marriage

This week on the podcast, Joshua and Joe and special guest, Sean Doran, discuss their wish lists for iOS 10 and macOS, expected to be announced at WWDC (just around the corner). Sean’s a smart user experience designer in Columbus, Ohio, who can appreciate the finer details of Apple software platform. We think through the future of Siri, icloud backups—if ever such a thing should exist—and the relentless push to refresh Apple’s products.

HiFi Apple Terminology
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

TJ has an iPhone 12 mini in hand! And Joe upgraded to Big Sur on day one because he’s crazy like that. And they both have thoughts about these things. Listen in on this fun episode!

HiFi Precursor to the End of the World
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

This week Joseph has a tale of woe involving tropical storms, downed lines, and a dearth of Twitter (is that a feature or a bug?), then the two discuss Apple’s upcoming “One More Thing” event and Apple potentially going into the Search business as a competitor to Google before wrapping up the conversation by focusing on aging and health.

HiFi Silly Magnetic Timeline
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper

Joseph and TJ are back to talk about the applications in Joe’s Dock. Also remember Quibi? Well, don’t bother because after a little over 6 months, the service is shutting down. Joseph’s wife also got an iPhone 12 Pro and Joseph has thoughts.