Episodes related to topic: instagram

Top Brew Ripe for the Hobbyists
Hosted by Joseph Darnell

Steve Agocs turned coffee into a delicious hobby. At KCCoffeeGeek.com, he reviews many of the latest specialty coffees. Steve shares his brewing ritual, describes his tools, and sheds light on his approach to the world’s favorite beverage.

Techtonic Redesign All the Things
Hosted by Joseph Darnell

Joe Darnell and our special guest, Lee Peterson, discuss new design changes afoot in iOS 9. Apple Music is rumored to receive a ‘simpler’ and more friendly interface in iOS 10 (X?). We debate how we feel about the design of Apple Music in iOS 9.3 and where we’d like it to go from here. Also, we talk about Instagram’s redesign; how will it influence communities and change what we think of Instagram’s brand? Listen and find out.