Episodes related to topic: honey bees

Equinox The Dark Side

Joe and Rob talk about things that should never have been, scientific experiments and ideas that were evil or just egregiously wrong. They use four examples: The Tuskegee long-term syphilis experiments, lobotomy, electroshock therapy, and Nazi science (and how much of US technology is based upon it today). This might be a tough listen, but education is sometimes sobering.

Equinox Things in Sci-Fi That Bug Us

Rob and Joe dive deep into the little things that bug them the most in the Sci-fi genre, and, of course, they also talk about bees. A story or two about whales learning how to avoid whaling ships and gorillas being taught to fear death make for a well-rounded episode, if they do say so themselves.

Equinox Fantastic Bees and Where to Find Them, Pt. 2

Rob and Joseph revisit honey bees and how to care for them, while not getting stung! There is so much more to learn about the fascinating little insects.

Equinox Fantastic Bees and Where to Find Them, Pt. 1

Rob and Joseph finally dive deep into beehives! What makes bees tick? Where did beekeeping come from? Why would two guys take this hobby on? And what’s the science bee-hind the colony?