Episodes related to topic: venus

Equinox To Terraform Or Not to Terraform … Pt. 2

Dr. C. and Joseph Darnell discuss the billionaires racing to outer space, Rob yearns to hitch a ride to the moon, they discuss the complexities of good science critical debates, and in main discussion, Rob continues the idea of terraforming planets Venus, Mars, and moons beyond.

Equinox To Terraform or Not to Terraform … Pt. 1

For the first time since before quarantines began in 2020, Rob and Joseph are back in the studio for today’s episode! They discuss un-recycled plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean, Soylent ‘complete nutritious meal replacement’(!), and in their main topic, what it would take to terraform the moon and Mars!

Equinox Mysteries of the Solar System

Rob and Joseph return from beyond the solar system to talk about their GPS travels on planet Earth, then take a journey through our solar system to discuss the mysteries of the Sun, Moon, planets, and more.