Episodes related to topic: technology

Equinox Neanderthal Technology

Neanderthals were supposed to be primitive, half-human cavemen, but modern paleontology is shattering that illusion. We know they were intelligent and industrious, eating a wide variety of foods and travelling long distances across the barren wasteland called Eurasia during the Ice Age period. Joe and Rob marvel at what is only now coming to light in relation to these enigmatic ancestors of ours.

Techtonic 10.8: Your First 1,000 Videos

Joshua, Joe and Caleb discuss indie video production.

Techtonic 10.7: Snazzy New Operating Systems

Joshua, and Joe discuss their experiences with El Capitan and iOS 9 betas.

Techtonic 10.3: Best CIA Spy Submarine App
Hosted by Joseph Darnell

Joe and Jacob and joined by special guest Shawn Blanc to discuss his workflows and work on The Focus Course.

Techtonic RSS Feeds let You be a Grownup

In this week’s episode, Joe, Joshua, and Tim discuss ‘life and faith after the digital explosion.’

Techtonic We All Want Robots but They’re Going to Kill Us

Joe and Joshua, along with special guest Robert McGinley Myers, introduce themes for the show and discuss everyday experiences and life-altering events we have with technology.