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Techtonic Apple, Save My Marriage

This week on the podcast, Joshua and Joe and special guest, Sean Doran, discuss their wish lists for iOS 10 and macOS, expected to be announced at WWDC (just around the corner). Sean’s a smart user experience designer in Columbus, Ohio, who can appreciate the finer details of Apple software platform. We think through the future of Siri, icloud backups—if ever such a thing should exist—and the relentless push to refresh Apple’s products.

Techtonic Ask Alexa if There’s Cake

This week on Techtonic, Joshua describes his first days with Amazon’s Echo, ‘The Woman in the Box’. She is far more responsive than Apple’s Siri, which disappoints us for reasons. On a good note, the Echo is showing promise and is useful for many scenarios at home. After Echo talk, Joe reviews his new iPhone SE. Why did he want to down-grade from his 6S, and what does the SE offer people that are ready to embrace a small phone?

Techtonic Summon the Power of Thor

The new Apple TV is in review, and in general we’re not crazy about it.