Episodes related to topic: lego

Top Brew It’s a Happy New Year Trick
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Joe and Eric are back in action to talk about LEGO coffeemakers, R2-D2 coffeemakers, Houndstooth coffee house in Austin, Texas, and more. Ask yourself the question: How often should *everyone* clean your coffee mug? The guys answer this and more on today‚Äôs episode.

Retake The LEGO Batman Movie
Hosted by TJ Draper

The lobster thermidor is in the microwave, the rom coms are sorted, and TJ and Fizz are ready to partay as they review The LEGO Batman movie.

Retake The LEGO Movie
Hosted by TJ Draper

Everything is awesome and cool when you’re part of our team. That’s why TJ and Chad have teamed up to talk about the great LEGO Movie.