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Top Brew The First Rule of Fussy Coffee and How to Override It
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Fussy coffee doesn’t have to be hipster coffee. Truth is, you’re making coffee whatever way you like it — for you — when it’s done right, and that coffee doesn’t come with a label. Our guest, Tim Smith, discusses his brew ritual, how his coffee has changed with his wife around, and the large collection of coffee gear he uses along with his AeroPress.

Top Brew The One Boring Coffeemaker to Rule Them All
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

This week on the podcast, Eric and Joe discuss their life of drip coffeemakers and why they stay away from them now. Electric drip machines have fueled civilization for more than 50 years, but no matter how you innovate on these devices, they will not deliver great coffee.