Episodes related to topic: grinder

Top Brew Honey Doesn’t Roast Things
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Joe and Eric explain why they missed an episode two weeks ago. On vacation at Saint Simons Island, Joe picked up some not-so good craft coffee. How do you know the good from the bad? Also, the guys chat about the Porlex JP-30 hand grinder, and the pros and cons of using this manual approach to your daily grind.

Top Brew The Force That Awakens
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Eric and Joe answer listeners messages, involving burr grinders, the Chemex coffee maker, and banana pudding. Then, in discussion, the guys share their first impressions of Starbucks’ all-new piping-hot Latte Macchiato. “It’s a latte made using ‘the inverted method’.”

Top Brew Coffee in Queens, with Joe Caiati
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Joe Caiati is an audio and video technician in Queens. As a long-time coffee drinker that’s late to the coffee enthusiast game, he relishes craft roast experiences from his local roasters. But he’s coffee curious — looking for new ways to doctor the flavors and caffeine jolts.