Episodes related to topic: covid-19

Equinox Scientific Advances Thanks to COVID-19

This week, the guys discuss follow-up to several bits of previous discussions about the universe, archaeology, bees, and more. For the main topic, Dr. Carter lays out many interesting scientific advances that have occurred due to the fast-paced research covering Coronavirus. In post-show, Rob gives us a video production update, gets back to his love for corrals, and the guys consider whether their daughters will start YouTube channels.

Equinox How to Engineer a Pandemic Virus

Joseph and Rob really get into some difficult subjects on this episode as they discuss how scientists pursue their work and whether or not the COVID-19 virus was engineered in a laboratory.

Equinox Who is Dr. Rob Carter? Part II

Joseph grills Rob some more about his past, specifically about how he got to where he is today. The discussion ranges from corals, to computer programming, to genetics, to Covid-19. Meanwhile, Joseph waxes eloquent on some interesting philosophical ideas.