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Top Brew The All-New Cold Brew Pouring iPhone
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Eric and Joe discuss some naming conventions: why are we calling cold brew and iced coffee the same things? Speaking of which, iced coffee has taken a back seat to cold brew over 2016. And in other news, the world’s first cup of joe that’s 80 times stronger than the rest of them is available in Australia, and Coca Cola is getting into the bottled coffee business. Listen, drink and enjoy!

Top Brew Flavor Molecules
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Joe realised that while he was warming up to cold brew that the rest of the world was as well. The guys discuss their growing appreciation for this beverage and how it’s popping up in grocery stores and coffee shops. There’s some unexpected benefits that cold brew has to offer, so you might want to make it at home.

Top Brew Power by Plants and Artificial Sweeteners
Hosted by Joseph Darnell and Eric Rauch

Cold brew is in season, and there’s a good chance that your local grocere is selling the products we discuss. Joe brewed his own with a French press. Together, the guys taste test Joe’s along with Stōk and Rebbl branded brews. Are you better off making your own? How hard is it to craft cold brew? Is it easier and affordable to buy it at the store? Answers to thease questions in today’s show.