Episodes related to topic: beekeeping

Equinox Flat Earth (April Fools!)

Rob and Joseph talk about 3D printing beehive accessories, beekeeping (as we are prone to do!), Georgia‚Äôs Savage Race, and for the main topic, the flat earth conspiracy. Ooooh boy!

Equinox Fantastic Bees and Where to Find Them, Pt. 2

Rob and Joseph revisit honey bees and how to care for them, while not getting stung! There is so much more to learn about the fascinating little insects.

Equinox Personal Genetics and Why There Are No More Secrets

Rob and Joe, surprisingly, discuss beekeeping, unsurprisingly talk about the coronavirus, then move onto the main topic: ancestry and genetics. They cover a lot of ground, including making transgenic organisms, the differences between the three main ancestry testing companies, whole-genome sequencing, the erosion of privacy as more and more people take those tests, Nanopore sequencing, the Golden State Killer case and how genetics allowed it to be cracked, the very complicated human genome, and the fun math behind genealogy and genetics.