Episodes related to topic: atoms

Equinox The Periodic Table

This week, Rob tells us all about transparent wood, gets excited about SpaceX rocket landing, Joseph announces Equinox Plus(!), and for the main topic, the guys explore the periodic table. Rob does a wonderful job of making sense of some of the most frustrating parts of chemistry class for us.

Equinox The Cutting Edge of the Universe

¬†What holds the universe together? What would happen if you toggle those things just a little? This is the essence of the Fine Tuning argument. There are many fundamental constants in the universe upon which life is utterly dependent. In fact, more than just life; the universe itself is irrevocably dependent on some very precise numbers, or it cannot exist.

Equinox The Strange World Inside the Atom, Pt. 2

Rob and Joseph continue to explore the particle and atom sciences. What are the elements? What discoveries to they afford? Why are scientists often disappointed with the discoveries? The people that can use these sciences to their advantage will rule the world.