It’s a Database That Can Explode

Episode #3 April. 17, 2015 42m 56s Download
Lions, tigers, and dogcows — oh my!

Highlights and Show Notes

The digital world is largely a byproduct of Apple computers. Along with Stephen Hackett, Joe and Joshua discuss the ways that life changed for everyone over the last 30 years with the Mac. They also review our affair with photos, and the ways at present that we manage our ever-growing photo library concerns.

Show Notes & Links

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Joe Darnell on Twitter

Joshua Peiffer on Twitter

The Atlanta Pen Addict live show Kickstarter project

Atlanta Pen Addict show ‘game thread’

Stephen’s spirit animal (dogcow) tattoo, which we didn’t get to talk about

‘Technology is just a tool’ for education and a whole lot more

‘Technology is just a tool’ Bill Gates’ quote

Taking it a step further, ‘Technology is more than just a tool’

The 1984 Macintosh was released 31 years ago

‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ biography

‘The Macintosh turns 30’ (2014) a visual history

A history of strife for Adobe and Apple

Apple and Steve Jobs’ ‘Thoughts on Flash’

Kevin Lynch joins Apple as VP of Technology

Kevin Lynch on Twitter

Joe started using Photoshop with version 5.0

Apple PowerBook history tour

Joshua’s early Mac, the Apple IIc

Super Munchers for Mac circa 1991

Stephen’s 512 Pixels site

Stephen and Myke Hurley’s Relay podcast network

Stephen, Federico, and Myke review the launch of the original iPad for Connected

Instapaper for ‘saved for later’ web reads

Apple’s new 12 inch MacBook

Review of the MacBook’s new ‘butterfly’ keyboard

Joe’s Apple Watch try-on appointment review

iPhoto, may it rest in peace

Joshua used iPhoto Library Manager in prep to move his collection to Photos

The new Photos for Mac app, included with OS X

Looking Back at the Future: The Apple Pop-up Museum

The new MacBook review by Rene Ritchie

iMore review of Photos for Mac