Toy Story 2

Episode #23 March. 6, 2017 47m 25s Download
In this episode: Joseph Darnell and TJ Draper
Woody and Buzz are back! Join TJ and Joe to discuss this 1999 digitally animated classic and learn why it’s an even better film than its predecessor.

Highlights and Show Notes

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Film Statistics

  • Release Date: November 19, 1999
  • Director: John Lasseter
  • Production Budget: $90 million
  • World Wide Gross: $497.3



While Andy is away at summer camp Woody has been toynapped by Al McWiggin, a greedy collector and proprietor of “Al’s Toy Barn”! In their all-out rescue mission, Buzz and his friends Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm the piggy bank spring into action to rescue Woody from ending up as a museum piece. They must find a way to save him before he gets sold in Japan forever or they’ll never see him again!

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