We Are Less Than Dust

Episode #15 June. 4, 2020 47m 7s Download
In this episode: Dr. Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell
Rob and Joseph discuss SpaceX’s big launch, getting our podcast on Spotify, podcasting apart from each other, Rob’s one-page sci-fi, and for the main topic, Dr. Carter goes through the science of atomic theory. It’s a vast realm of the universe at a molecule’s scale, where there’s more empty space than matter!

Highlights and Show Notes

Podcasting over the web in different places this time
Equinox is now available on Spotify (it’s been available on many other platforms since episode one)
Steve Deace Show
Rob is using his new microphone headset like this one (affiliate link)
Pocket Cast is the podcast player app that Joseph recommends
SpaceX launches
Rob’s 1-page story about “plan B”
Stargate (1997-2007)
Doctor Who is the show Rob recommends to Joseph
Rob’s article We are Less than Dust
Joseph’s Creation.com Article Podcast of Rob’s article
Mole unit of measurement
James 4:14 ‘For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.’
How luffa sponges are made
Rob’s Biblical Genetics YouTube channel
Joseph on Twitter (@jcsdarnell)